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Response to Occupy Democrats

Link to original video:

What EVERYONE who voted for Trump NEEDS TO HEAR

This is a must-watch; and must-share.Credit: Tess Rafferty.Video shared by Occupy Democrats, LIKE our page for more!

Posted by Occupy Democrats on Saturday, November 19, 2016

Before beginning to read this response, it is important to watch the above link so the context of my response is understood. The objective is not to attack or demonize the individual who made this video or the group that supports it. The video is clearly an opinion piece, and my response is also an opinion piece. Nothing personal is meant by my response.

The video captures one person’s ire towards the situation that America has elected in. We got to chose from two of the least favorable candidates ever in my time and I don’t think any side would have dealt with the consequences of this election favorably. The reality is we live in a less-than great America and this election is but a piece of that whole.

There are many reasons why this video is ineffective as a part of a communication with other people. This video takes one person’s anger and blasts it against a multitude of people without any compassion or even real logic. While this is certainly an acceptable form of speech and protected by the first amendment, I don’t think this does anything to promote a healthier America.

For each of the following topics there will be a two part response, the first being where I found common ground with the video, and the second being where I feel it could have been more constructive. My goal isn’t to say that this video is wrong in it’s entirety, but rather point out how it missed the mark in terms of building a better tomorrow.

Topic 1: Creationism in Schools

To begin, I don’t believe Creationism should be placed into a science class room. It’s very unscientific as far as rationalized versions “how we got here” go. Does it have a place in schools? Absolutely, and especially inside of a philosophy or religious studies course. It is a critical part of the Christian and Jewish and even Islamic story and should be studied in the proper environment.

It is my experience, however, that most public schools (if not all) don’t even touch on creationism any more. When I left high school I was not taught about creationism once in my scientific courses. If this does remain a part of any region’s curriculum, then I think the burden of change is on the population living in that region to complain.

Topic 2: Homosexual Marriage

I earnestly believe it was a mistake that at any point the power of ordaining a marriage fell into the hands of the government. The reality is that marriage is a social contract between two individuals that extends beyond the connection to a government. Therefor, when I voted for “equality in marriage”, I was voting for people’s right to contract themselves socially to whomever they please and to level the playing field from a governmental perspective.

This was largely a valid argument said in an odd way. It is not appropriate for any group to attempt to silence another person’s views while pushing their own agenda as loud as possible. It’s poor sportsmanship and the battle for marriage should NOT have gone the way it did. I will save my negative response for another topic.

Topic 3: Christianity/White Supremacy Meet Ups

There is an older, populist form of Christianity that’s dying very quickly and it appears to have made it’s voice heard in this last election. This is the Christianity that tried to defend slavery, oppressed women’s rights to vote, lead witch hunts, and even a couple crusades. It has had terrible impacts on every known form of mankind to ever walk this earth and it is an issue.

The reality is that not all Christians live in the medieval ages and have the ability to respect all races in kind. I believe the bible speaks very clearly that in Christ there is neither Greek nor Herbrew, nor slave or freedman, nor man or woman. That is not to say we should pretend to be colorblind, but to say that all people should be treated equally in the pursuit of life. These kinds of Christians have done many wonderful things and continue to do so in all corners of the world.

Topic 4: Voting Fallacy

I do not doubt for a moment that many people voted for Trump and Pence through hateful motivation. There are scores of those sorts of people in the world and I also believe that there are equally hate-filled people who voted for Hillary. It is absolutely fair to call these people out and label them for what they are.

However, no voter checked a secondary box beside Trump’s name that read: “By voting for Trump, I agree to become the biggest bigot/misogynist/white supremacist this town has ever seen.” There are many valid reasons for voting for trump, and there are many invalid reasons for voting for trump. The name alone does not make up the whole and you must take the time to understand the individual and why they voted the way they did.

Topic 5: KKK

Yes, Trump was supported by several White Supremacy groups. It’s also a fact that KKK groups within California also supported Hillary’s campaign within the last year. Therefor, the logic from the disappointed speaker indicates that everyone who voted is probably going to be guilt ridden the rest of their life due to agreeing with the KKK.

The reality is that no one can stop a group from supporting them. Again, there’s not a check box beside Trump OR Hillary’s name stating, “By checking this box I certify that I am not a hateful person.” Making a big deal out of one group’s independent selection of a candidate is false argument.

Topic 6: Racism

During the election, Hillary managed to attain over 90% of the African American vote which is quite impressive. I’m sure if I looked at the stats of the Latino vote, I would see a similar turnout. Trump has definitely been put in a position of looking like a racist individual, and some of his religious intolerance tend to attack specific demographics of people more than others.

I would like to take a moment to point out that Trump is actively against illegal individuals from being the country. Trump is also against letting people come in without being thoroughly examined for intent and back ground. Trump has never declared that he will revoke any equal opportunities and voting rights of any rightful group living in the US. Trump is many things, but being an outright racist for the sake of being not white doesn’t appear to be one of them.

Topic 6: Crime

Let’s be honest, Politics is practically a crime in of itself. Anyone who is willingly seeking to have power and authority is probably not worthy of being trusted. I do believe there are great people who are in politics, but it is particularly true of both candidates that power and money are in their blood and have been for sometime.

Trump is not and outstanding person and is guilty of being a warped person, and to many degrees Clinton may be as well. If anyone is willing to fully trust of the Judicial System, especially when it comes to political leaders, then I think that is naive. Clinton has her own issues that have been scrutinized and rightfully damaged her reputation as a person of integrity. Pointing out crime after watching Hillary go through years of trials and scrutiny isn’t going to provide any credibility.

Topic 7: Women’s Rights

I’ll agree with anyone that Trump has a terrible time with people and is certainly not a people person. The way he manages relationships does not appear to leave way for growth. The reporters, the Miss America’s, and anyone else who has come in his life and been grieved are examples of this. Did I mention he’s not a stand up guy?

However, trump has never stated policy changes that will effect women’s rights. Women will still get to vote, work for equal pay, and make their own decisions regardless of who Trump is or how he chooses to treat people. Once again, the issue of Trump being a sour person is passed onto the people who voted for him in an entirely unfair manner.

Topic 8: Education

America’s education is a joke and I don’t think either candidate will fix it. When I take a look at what many developed countries are doing around the world, I am shocked at the differences in education. America has screwed itself up and out of developing the type of generation we need to stand up and build America into a great nation.

I will state that the best school I ever went to was driven by the community. The parents contributed to the school and got to make decisions as a community to develop the curriculum. I never had a better school or excelled in an environment as well as I did in that school. Going to self-dependent structures for schools may not be the worst thing America has ever done.

Topic 9: Social Reforms

The only social reform that Trump appears to have a wish to change is the right to abortion. People will still get to vote, people will still get to work, and people who have legally come to the United States will get to stay. All of these things are fine and perfectly acceptable in any country.

As it comes to abortion, this is the biggest topic I have an issue with when it comes to liberal agenda. The baby’s body is not YOUR body and it didn’t force it’s way into your body when you had sex. Those are the facts of human reproduction. That said, I can appreciate when a person is raped and left with a child in the after math. I can appreciate the scare of knowing your Child may have life lasting disabilities that will impede a normal quality of life. These situations make abortion a very complex topic and it doesn’t have any easy answers.


I do not support either one of the major political party candidates and I think both have lead the way to a new level of depravity for America’s electorate. I am a Christian and I work with people of all gender and sexual orientation. I have friends of different races, and my wife and I intend to adopt internationally from Africa. No political party, no president, and no other person’s opinion will ever have the effect of making me do something contrary to who I am.

This video is an angry rant and nothing more. It cannot be used to positively encourage changes, and it certainly wont create a sense of bi-partisanship that America DESPERATELY needs. This video, which may represent many people’s feelings, will not do anything to promote the healthy values.

So a challenge to anyone who reads this is how do we take this anger and channel it in a healthy manner? How do we get the frustrations and angst from all sides of the aisle channeled into a path for true development in America? These are the questions that each voter in America has the responsibility for answering. America will only be great again when we can all unite together as the world’s first and foremost melting pot.