It’s a matter of perspective

 It is because of him that you are in Christ Jesus, who has become for us wisdom from God—that is, our righteousness, holiness and redemption. Therefore, as it is written: “Let the one who boasts boast in the Lord. Paul – 1 Corinthians 1:30-31

One of the ugliest things to watch is the disruption of a marriage or the dissolution of a long lasting friendship. These two examples are also some of the most painful things to endure, regardless of the reason for fissure. The breaking of a union, no matter the type, frequently comes with scars and damage.

As I was working as a faculty member for a church camp, a pastor used the following example. Taking two pieces of paper, he glued them together and allowed the bond to take hold. Once the bond was set, the attempt to separate those two pages with minimal damage to either sheet. The result, regardless of his care, was still a torn sheet.

Now, if you look at most relationships and even marriages, there were probably moments that were stellar and drove those in the relationship towards one another. The excitement of adventure, the comforts of familiarity, and the bond of shared interests can build up a good union. No one earnestly starts a relationship with the hopes to dissolve the connection at some later date and so it starts off well.

The issue often comes when our interests become divided through ill chosen battles. Now, I’m not dismissing turns of events that are abominable, but rather looking at events where overtime there was an ever so small development of separation. This could be emotional detachment, or over committance to things outside of the friendship. There are many situations that can lead to the end of friendship.

What does all this have to do with today’s verses?

Our ability to maintain unity comes from a higher perspective than we get by looking at our own nose. In our relationships, the most important perspective to keep is the perspective which maintains view of everyone’s perspectives, desires, and needs. It seeks out the good of the whole rather than the good of a particular side.

Now, take that perspective and think about this: how does this impact your relationship with God? How would this impact your relationship with a significant other? How does this impact your relationship with a friend? a stranger? Democrats? Republicans? *Theists? Your neighbor?

To be a Christian is to realize that your life was paid for by a higher order and by the whims of the higher order. Christ died for us, not because we had something to give, but because he had chosen to give. Spoken a bit differently, John writes later in the New Testament, “We love because Christ first loved us.” He lead by example and now we follow in that path.

In view of that, our job is to love other people regardless of their station, social status, beliefs, or political agenda. Our job is to make sure that we take every step to seek out the true good in our interactions with all people. After all, is that not what Jesus did for us?

So my challenge today is this:  In this season of political turmoil, seek bi-partisanship. In your season of loneliness, seek a healthy relationship. In your spiritual walk, seek a broader perspective with the father of all who through you can do all things. Seek the perspective of highest love in all things and you can surely do no harm.



Growing Pains

Hi. My name is Connor and I am a recovering Millennial.

A Millennial is defined as someone who was born between 1982 and 2004. I fit exactly in the middle of this group having been born in 1993 and so I have been surrounded by my millennial peer group for most of my life. One benefit of being in this group is that  membership alone makes me a hot topic and the slate it “mostly” clean for this generation.

As a hot topic Millennial, my peers and I have been extensively tested and inspected through the lens of computers and the rise of smart devices. There are metrics and studies a plenty to describe the “mentality” of the Millennial horde and like most buckets, the people within it only partially fit into the findings.

Some of the findings on Millennials include:

  • We want to impact the world
  • Impatience is our virtue
  • We have a decent grasp on social technology
  • There is a greater social conscience
  • We don’t like to keep jobs for life
  • We want to feel important
  • We think we are special

I have been born into a time of great opportunity and awareness as a Millennial. From the comfort of my bed, I can read the world news, write an essay, creep on people’s lives, and do my grocery shopping. I can pour through different types of careers and learn all sorts of cool skills through online MOOGs and the all-knowing Google.

Now, growing up, I was told and I do believe that I can do pretty much anything I put my mind to which is awesome. I then got to spend my life learning about sciences and mathematics and video games and music with the voice in my mind echoing that I can be anything. The world is an amazing place when think you are special and impactful but it doesn’t come without drawbacks.

When I first started working on my career, I was quite frustrated. I wanted to make an impact on the world and I knew that <insert job here> wasn’t allowing me to impact enough. As a result, I moved from job to job ending each one with a certain amount of frustration in my life. I didn’t feel like I had championed life’s challenges which lead me to feeling more incompetent than special.

As I cycled through these frustrations, I ended up having heated discussions with my wife about my inner yearnings. I have been achievement focused my whole life, and as a 22 year old I was literally trying to recreate the life that my family had growing up. I was so focused on where I wanted to be that I didn’t take time to notice what got my own family to a place of comfort and well being.

As we talked through things my wife stated something that made me think a lot. She said I need to be living the life of a 22 year old today rather than focusing on how I haven’t met the success of a 42 year old. She also said she wasn’t ready to be married to a 40 year old man and needed me to be present in my twenties. Her wisdom in that discussion was hard for me to chew on then, but I did work on it.

Fast forward a little bit, I have finally worked somewhere for more than a year and it feels great. I can look back on the impact I had and I can see the growth that came from planting my feet in one place long enough to establish real roots. I can see my journey I took from being a green horn to a true leader in my field. Most importantly, I can see that being frustrated about not being impactful wasn’t helpful towards achieving this state.

Recently, I began working with a good friend from high school on learning how to program. He has taken a genuine interest in programming and wants to develop himself to have a successful career to support a future family. As we started going through the paces, he complained about the frustration of starting something out. He also mentioned he wanted to be a master as soon as possible which reminded me of something my dad once read.

Once upon a time, there was a study done on different gurus from different fields. One of the outcomes of this study was an average of how many hours it took each of the gurus to become a master of their skills. The average turned out to be 10,000 hours which translates to roughly 1,250 work days or 3.5 years. That’s not a small bit of time.

As I shared this information with my Millennial friend, I looked back on my journey and was able to see how the hours I spent added up. All though I am far from being a true master of anything, I can see that I’ve made great progress in some areas and that this growth is my own personal success. During our discussion, I also realized that my wife was right and had to eat some humble pie for previous discussions we had.

So as a word of encouragement to my peers out there, I want you to know it’s okay to NOT be impactful today.  Don’t forsake the yearning of being a world changer, but give yourself grace to grow into the person you need to be first. It is a journey and not a sprint so enjoy the moments and the challenges as they come and you’ll be a lot better off.

Secondly , if you look at your life and say “I’m not good at anything”, remember that you can begin something today that leads to expertise somewhere down the road. Einstein, Aristotle, Henry Ford, the Wright Brothers, and countless other great minds started off just like you at some point. What you do today and tomorrow will lead you to who you will be in 3.5 years.

Lastly, never forget that every decision we make leads us to be a new us somewhere down the road. What you eat, who you spend your time with, how you spend your time, and what you let your mind wander off to will mold your future self. In light of this, you should constantly evaluate the outcome possibilities of a decision and make sure it create the person you desire to be.

In conclusion, I must iterate that I’m not as impactful as I will be someday but I do hope the decisions I make today will lead me to a better place down the road. After all, I’ve just begun and I’ve got a wife who needs her 23 year old husband, and not a 43 year wanna be.


Music and Dreams and Family

Of my many passions in life, very few come close to or surpass the love I have for music. The three exceptions are my wife, my family, and (when I’m doing well) God. Music can move me as I listen to it, play it, or event attempt creating it. It’s a meaningful medium in my life that helps me to express how I feel.

I had my first lesson on an old ivory keyed piano that my mother got when we lived in the south. It is a beautiful upright piano with beautiful wood work, great tone (when it’s tuned) and my mother is a good pianist to boot. I remember asking her when I was roughly 7 years old to teach me to play and my sojourn into the world of music began.

As I grew up, I found that I wasn’t the best pianist and moved on to try out several different instruments. At my peak, I could comfortably pick up drums, piano, bass, guitar, mandolin, banjo, violin, ukulele, and really anything else with strings. I had and have a knack for picking up an instrument and intuitively understanding how to produce melodies. Through all these instruments I could entertain my self and a few friends, but I never truly mastered any of them.

Not too long after I moved out on my own, I learned that life is expensive and not having a job could be even more expensive. My employer ran out of funds and I refused to continue working for free so I went out of work. For the next several months, I tried getting work in different jobs and struggled to get past interviews. As time went on, I sold my collection of instruments one by one until they were all gone and my musical empire was ruined.

For a long time after losing all those instruments, I felt in many ways that I was cheated out of a dream. I felt like I deserved to have my collection of instruments and that I deserved to be a great musician. After all, my variety of instrumental knowledge allowed me to impress many of my musical friends. I was a music man who could write his own music and yet I had nothing.

In response to this inner yearning, I set out to rebuild my musical collection, acquiring different bits and pieces as I could pay for them and before too long I had acquired most of what I had. When I returned home with each piece, it was like I had a mental list of things to acquire and each purchase led me closer to feeling like I was arriving to the point where I had been. I thought I was getting happier, but I was quite wrong.

As I got my instruments collected back again, I quickly realized that the dream of being a master musician had taken a back seat to other important aspects of my life. I had gotten married, had a child, and begun a strong career. I had more responsibilities that were claiming my time and money than I had once before. My life had changed but my mentality stayed the same and I began to go through several unsettling emotions.


It’s not fun to look at a dream you had and realize it was no longer the path you had. Sometimes dreams are taken away because of things we control, and other times they are taken away because of things outside of our control. In my case, I believe both situations applied to my loss of a dream. I made decisions and life gave me a few lemons which lead to eating a sour lemon or two.

While I reflected on this, I took out of a piece of paper and began drawing with no real end in mind. I’m no artist by any stretch, but sometimes I do enjoy drawing nature scenes or architecture. As I continued to draw, I let my feelings influence direction and the results were quite pleasing.

Through time, the artwork began to develop and it turned into a scene with a path that lead to three kingdoms. Each kingdom was beautiful in it’s own right with strong walls and a proper strategic placement to be a strong point for years to come. Each of the kingdoms, in my internal dialogue, represented a different life style and mentality that were equally acceptable. There was nothing right or wrong about going to any of these kingdoms for they were generally good.

As I drew the drawing, I realized that many of my dreams could have taken me down completely different paths. I grew up being told I could do anything and be anything, and I generally still feel like that could be true. I then further realized, that we all make decisions that lead us down a path and that these choices will inevitably bring us to our own kingdom somewhere along the way.

In light of this personal discovery, I realized that there’s no sense in being down for missing one dream while achieving another. I am not a lesser person simply because I didn’t turn out a master musician. After all, I now have a beautiful wife, a daughter, a career, and I can still enjoy picking up my 12 string from time to time. My current destination might not fit into one dream, but my life is still apart of a dream I wanted to have.

On the other side of this internal discovery, I have come to peace with the way my dream has turned out. I spend less time moping about what might have been, and learn to enjoy the things that are. As I lay the dream of being a musician to rest, I can pluck the strings of my guitar with my daughter and share the love of vinyl with my wife. The dream has passed, but my life has not and I wont complain about where I have arrived.

Technology and Me

This year has been the best year I’ve ever had in my professional career. I got my first plaque, first merit bonus, first technical leadership position, first certification and many many other firsts as well. 2016 has been a fantastic year and I wouldn’t change it from a professional stand point one bit. However, I know that achievements alone are not going to fulfill my life.

I have also become quite cognizant of how my child hood impacted my life and career. I never had to get a job to support my family or help put food on the table, so I got to spend my summers learning PERL or screwing with Linux on my personal desktop. My child hood enabled me to learn and play with technology in a way that benefited me when it came to my career.

Now, I am not saying I regret my childhood at all. I had life easy and got to enjoy “First world problems” rather than the problems faced by the poverty stricken here in the US and around the world. I didn’t get an allowance and my first car wasn’t a beamer, but I had a reliable car and all the resources I needed and most of what I wanted. It was good, and I’d definitely sign up for a second round.

However, as I have begun to be more aware of the world I live in, I realize that not everyone was given this opportunity. There are youth all around who are unable to enjoy the same opportunities I did because of poverty or divorce or poor parental decisions and I don’t feel like that’s “fair.” Not only do I feel it’s unfair, but I want to do something about it.

I know I can’t give someone a good child hood and I know that it’s impossible to think I could ever eliminate “bad childhoods” from existence. There will always be chaos and disadvantaged individuals in the world, but that doesn’t mean that the advantaged people, such as myself, should stand idly by.

So one of my goals as I end 2016 is to find a way to give someone else their best year professionally. I want to sew the seed into someone’s life, regardless of their age, that allows them to confidently approach their career so they can focus on other parts of their life without worrying about their next meal.

Are you this person? Do you know someone eager to get into IT but doesn’t know where to start? Have them reach out to me through the site contact form and I’ll gladly start the conversation. Don’t know anyone, but like the idea? Share this post on social media and get the word out. Together we can offer everyone, regardless of their background or childhood, the opportunity to control their career through Information Technology.


Connor Peoples


This is a continuation of a previous post: Believing vs. Faith

A few years back I was a missionary in the Philippines and I was teaching some youth how to put together a sermon. One of the student’s approached me and boldly stated,

“I’m going to preach on something that’s super important. You hear preachers talk about a 180 degree turn in life, but that’s not enough. You need to make a full 360 degree turn to get your life on track.”

After I finished chuckling internally, I explained that mathematically a 360 degree turn is a full turn back into the same direction. I then went on to explain that 180 degrees is always the exact opposite direction of the way you are pointed and that pastors weren’t asking people to half heartedly follow God. With some relief, he went back to his sermon with a little less blasphemy and continued determination to encourage people to walk the straight and narrow.

This week I began this blog with a personal piece about believing vs faith. I highly recommend reading it first, especially if you struggle with the relationship piece of Christianity. That is, if you call yourself a Christian, but wouldn’t know the Holy Spirit from a passing thought. I struggle with that and this post continues to talk about that struggle.

In my attempt to repent, which literally means to make a 180 degree change in your life, I started off by addressing that I was pointed in the wrong direction. There’s God’s way and then there’s the highway which runs smooth and easy into the fitful sleep also known as Hell. This direction was causing issues for myself personally and at home.

Since writing that post, I have been actively working towards building the relationship piece of Christianity. I’ve been working towards having real faith once again. As I was trying to figure it out, I was comparing myself to where I used to be in faith and I was discouraged seeing that I was no where near where I left the path. In dismay, I thought, “It’s going to take a long time to get my faith back.”

And I was wrong.

I had forgotten something important about walking away from God. Regardless of how far you go, it’s never to late to make a you-turn to God and begin the relationship again. It may not be just how you ended it, but it doesn’t mean you have to throw away all the memories you once had. Just like visiting and old friend and sharing a cup of joe, you pick up where you are and go from there.

This may not come as a surprise to many people, but I found it incredibly helpful this week as I began to seek out faith once more. My hope is that at least one other person may be encouraged by the beginning of my journey in knowing the same piece of information. God is faithful even when we are not, and this is just one example of God’s faithfulness to me even when I am not faithful.

“Great is Thy faithfulness!” “Great is Thy faithfulness!”
Morning by morning new mercies I see;
All I have needed Thy hand hath provided—
“Great is Thy faithfulness,” Lord, unto me!

God is being faithful to you, are you ready to be faithful back? Is there something that causes you to worry about what that might mean? Share your thoughts, fears, and concerns, and I will gladly share the journey with you. We are all on a journey, each of us together.




Believing vs. Faith

You believe that God is one; you do well. Even the demons believe—and shudder! (James 2:19)

At one point in my life I was quite sure that I believed in God, and not just belief, but strong faith with a steadfast relationship. I was the missionary, worship leader, counselor to friends, and I even wrote devotionals for nearly a year. Then I met real life and felt my foundation shake in ways I had never felt before. Now, I’m trying to figure out how to return to faith with more than just belief.

The verse at the beginning of the post marks something I struggle with. I believe in God, I definitely believe in the Bible, and I believe in the holy Church that’s meant to be wed to Christ in his return. I would willingly debate and stand up for the foundations of Christian faith and present them as the only way to truly live. I am a firm believer in Christianity.

The issue is that I seem to lack faith and follow through. I don’t regularly attend church, I spend my money primarily on my desires, I never pray, and I just don’t have a relationship with God. I believe in God, I would say that I have intellectual knowledge of God, but I don’t have faith in God.

I know that this situation impacts me on a day to day basis. I don’t have that Rock foundation I used to. I don’t have the peace that surpasses understanding. I don’t get to rely on the comfort of sharing a God ordained moment in the middle of the day. There is nothing that I enjoy by being outside of faith and retaining the knowledge of God.

In addition to my own struggle, I know I cannot be the only one in this position. It is easy, even comforting, to think that believing in God is enough. The trap of believing without faith make Christianity look easy and attainable for anyone, even people on their own strength. The reality is, however, that believing is not enough.

So what must we do?

Peter said to them, “Repent and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins, and you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit.(Acts 2:38)

Repent and learn to lean on the Holy Spirit who is alive and well in this world. All we have to do is stop living our lives for ourselves and begin focusing in on God’s will for our lives. It’s an intentional redirection of priority to God in all situations and it’s not easy. I think the best interpretation I’ve heard is “It’s never easy, but it gets easier.”

Are you in a similar faith situation? What steps are you taking to repent? What has helped you repent in the past? Let me know, because I’m ready to make this change too.

A Very Vinyl Venture

Vinyl has been an enigma within the realm of music for over two decades now. Newer, smaller, and more portable technologies have been developed for music lovers of all sorts to enjoy with no scientific loss in quality. In-spite of it’s physical limitations and higher cost of acquisition, it continues to stay steady as a method of music consumption and has even seen growth over the last three years.

As a kid growing up, I remember seeing the Crosley radios that were new but had a great vintage look. I’m sure you’ve seen them at the local Target or Khols in the electronics section. Even if you weren’t alive during the 50’s you still get a since of nostalgia just looking at the Crosley radio. The record player, cloth speak covers, and wooden box are a beautiful combination. I have always thought these things were sleek, and until recently, I had wanted to acquire one.

This year during Black Friday, target dropped the prices of all their Crosley players and an old temptation came calling. After spending a couple weeks wrestling with the desire to purchase a Crosley, I succumbed. With great excitement, my wife and I then hurried over to Barnes and Nobles to purchase our first record (Parachutes by Coldplay for the Record [No Pun intended]). It was an interesting experience as a new comer to vinyl to say the least.

Perusing the musical selection at Barnes and Noble, I quickly realized the cost of these records new was $10 dollars more expensive than the same item on iTunes. Without skipping a beat, I pulled open my iPhone and found a local record store to check out with my wife. We hopped in the car (Coldplay in hand), and we were on our way to the beauty of Vinyl.

As I parked the car and walked into the store, I was excited and unsure of what I would find in the store. Through the doors was an assortment of novelty items, CDs, gaming system paraphernalia, and in the very back a whole section designated to second hand records. This back row became the birth place to a new found hobby I could share with Meagan.

For a couple years I had sought to find way to share my passion for music with Meagan. Generally speaking, we had different tastes in music and while I could play instruments, Meagan’s finger injury prevented her from playing with me. Music, which is a huge piece of who I am, was hard to share with my significant other until now.

As we fingered through the hundreds of records in the store, we felt like we were rediscovering music we loved. Bee Gees, Beach Boys, Carpenters, Abba, Eagles, and many other artists floated through our fingers and our excitement only increased. There were so many pieces of musical genius here and with wide eyes we soaked it all in.

After the excitement was reigned in, we picked a couple of albums to start with and headed home. It was now time to begin the sound and experience of Vinyl in the comfort of home. We unpacked the Crosley player, unwrapped Coldplay, and began to spin our first record. Instantly I was underwhelmed.

The first sounds I heard were simply awful. The tinny speakers sounded awful on the Crosley player, so I moved my computer speakers to the living room and hooked them up. The next thing I immediately noticed was that the record literally looked like it was doing the wave. This was no-bueno and the distortion was very noticeable. Something had to be done with that record player.

With my excitement still built up, I shrugged off this set back and went to the Internet for suggestions. After a bit of sleuthing, I found a decent table (Audio Technica LP120BLK) nearby on Craiglist and made an acquisition. Once I got the equipment in place, we were ready to listen to our records properly and even my wife noticed a sonic upgrade.

Two weeks later, we are still enjoying the vinyl experience and have made a few trips to local stores for the hunt of more records. Goodwill, Unique Thrift, and the DiskLand have all been great resources for second hand records at a decent price. Goodwill has the best prices, but their selection was probably the least interesting. I’ve begun to understand that the hunt for a treasured record at a good price is part of the vinyl experience.

So what made us move from the comfort of Apple Music to record acquisition? Was it the sound difference? No. Was it a sudden urge to go “hipster”? No and ew. Did we feel the need to start wasting money on dusty chipped albums and support local stores? Not exactly.

For myself, the Vinyl Experience is sharing music with my wife in a new way. It’s going through records one by one and laughing at the selling point “Stereo” music used to be. It’s learning the repertoire of an old artist through their full albums rather than their 20th Century master compilation. Vinyl, more than any other medium, forces me to take the time to steep myself in the music.

I continue to look forward to the new second-hand records we’ll find as we scavenge through Minnesota for new treasures. I’ve got my eyes peeled for solid records made by Led Zeppelin, the Eagles, and Alan Parsons project and I know that I’ll find many other great records along the way. They may be old, but they are finding a new life in the Peoples’ home.

Have you been involved in the Vinyl engima? Have questions or want more information? Let me know because I’d love to share this experience with you. As hobbies go, this one requires minimal effort and leads to hours of sonic enjoyment.

That’s all for this post. Thanks for reading and quenching your thirst for knowing what Connor thinks about.


Response to Occupy Democrats

Link to original video:

What EVERYONE who voted for Trump NEEDS TO HEAR

This is a must-watch; and must-share.Credit: Tess Rafferty.Video shared by Occupy Democrats, LIKE our page for more!

Posted by Occupy Democrats on Saturday, November 19, 2016

Before beginning to read this response, it is important to watch the above link so the context of my response is understood. The objective is not to attack or demonize the individual who made this video or the group that supports it. The video is clearly an opinion piece, and my response is also an opinion piece. Nothing personal is meant by my response.

The video captures one person’s ire towards the situation that America has elected in. We got to chose from two of the least favorable candidates ever in my time and I don’t think any side would have dealt with the consequences of this election favorably. The reality is we live in a less-than great America and this election is but a piece of that whole.

There are many reasons why this video is ineffective as a part of a communication with other people. This video takes one person’s anger and blasts it against a multitude of people without any compassion or even real logic. While this is certainly an acceptable form of speech and protected by the first amendment, I don’t think this does anything to promote a healthier America.

For each of the following topics there will be a two part response, the first being where I found common ground with the video, and the second being where I feel it could have been more constructive. My goal isn’t to say that this video is wrong in it’s entirety, but rather point out how it missed the mark in terms of building a better tomorrow.

Topic 1: Creationism in Schools

To begin, I don’t believe Creationism should be placed into a science class room. It’s very unscientific as far as rationalized versions “how we got here” go. Does it have a place in schools? Absolutely, and especially inside of a philosophy or religious studies course. It is a critical part of the Christian and Jewish and even Islamic story and should be studied in the proper environment.

It is my experience, however, that most public schools (if not all) don’t even touch on creationism any more. When I left high school I was not taught about creationism once in my scientific courses. If this does remain a part of any region’s curriculum, then I think the burden of change is on the population living in that region to complain.

Topic 2: Homosexual Marriage

I earnestly believe it was a mistake that at any point the power of ordaining a marriage fell into the hands of the government. The reality is that marriage is a social contract between two individuals that extends beyond the connection to a government. Therefor, when I voted for “equality in marriage”, I was voting for people’s right to contract themselves socially to whomever they please and to level the playing field from a governmental perspective.

This was largely a valid argument said in an odd way. It is not appropriate for any group to attempt to silence another person’s views while pushing their own agenda as loud as possible. It’s poor sportsmanship and the battle for marriage should NOT have gone the way it did. I will save my negative response for another topic.

Topic 3: Christianity/White Supremacy Meet Ups

There is an older, populist form of Christianity that’s dying very quickly and it appears to have made it’s voice heard in this last election. This is the Christianity that tried to defend slavery, oppressed women’s rights to vote, lead witch hunts, and even a couple crusades. It has had terrible impacts on every known form of mankind to ever walk this earth and it is an issue.

The reality is that not all Christians live in the medieval ages and have the ability to respect all races in kind. I believe the bible speaks very clearly that in Christ there is neither Greek nor Herbrew, nor slave or freedman, nor man or woman. That is not to say we should pretend to be colorblind, but to say that all people should be treated equally in the pursuit of life. These kinds of Christians have done many wonderful things and continue to do so in all corners of the world.

Topic 4: Voting Fallacy

I do not doubt for a moment that many people voted for Trump and Pence through hateful motivation. There are scores of those sorts of people in the world and I also believe that there are equally hate-filled people who voted for Hillary. It is absolutely fair to call these people out and label them for what they are.

However, no voter checked a secondary box beside Trump’s name that read: “By voting for Trump, I agree to become the biggest bigot/misogynist/white supremacist this town has ever seen.” There are many valid reasons for voting for trump, and there are many invalid reasons for voting for trump. The name alone does not make up the whole and you must take the time to understand the individual and why they voted the way they did.

Topic 5: KKK

Yes, Trump was supported by several White Supremacy groups. It’s also a fact that KKK groups within California also supported Hillary’s campaign within the last year. Therefor, the logic from the disappointed speaker indicates that everyone who voted is probably going to be guilt ridden the rest of their life due to agreeing with the KKK.

The reality is that no one can stop a group from supporting them. Again, there’s not a check box beside Trump OR Hillary’s name stating, “By checking this box I certify that I am not a hateful person.” Making a big deal out of one group’s independent selection of a candidate is false argument.

Topic 6: Racism

During the election, Hillary managed to attain over 90% of the African American vote which is quite impressive. I’m sure if I looked at the stats of the Latino vote, I would see a similar turnout. Trump has definitely been put in a position of looking like a racist individual, and some of his religious intolerance tend to attack specific demographics of people more than others.

I would like to take a moment to point out that Trump is actively against illegal individuals from being the country. Trump is also against letting people come in without being thoroughly examined for intent and back ground. Trump has never declared that he will revoke any equal opportunities and voting rights of any rightful group living in the US. Trump is many things, but being an outright racist for the sake of being not white doesn’t appear to be one of them.

Topic 6: Crime

Let’s be honest, Politics is practically a crime in of itself. Anyone who is willingly seeking to have power and authority is probably not worthy of being trusted. I do believe there are great people who are in politics, but it is particularly true of both candidates that power and money are in their blood and have been for sometime.

Trump is not and outstanding person and is guilty of being a warped person, and to many degrees Clinton may be as well. If anyone is willing to fully trust of the Judicial System, especially when it comes to political leaders, then I think that is naive. Clinton has her own issues that have been scrutinized and rightfully damaged her reputation as a person of integrity. Pointing out crime after watching Hillary go through years of trials and scrutiny isn’t going to provide any credibility.

Topic 7: Women’s Rights

I’ll agree with anyone that Trump has a terrible time with people and is certainly not a people person. The way he manages relationships does not appear to leave way for growth. The reporters, the Miss America’s, and anyone else who has come in his life and been grieved are examples of this. Did I mention he’s not a stand up guy?

However, trump has never stated policy changes that will effect women’s rights. Women will still get to vote, work for equal pay, and make their own decisions regardless of who Trump is or how he chooses to treat people. Once again, the issue of Trump being a sour person is passed onto the people who voted for him in an entirely unfair manner.

Topic 8: Education

America’s education is a joke and I don’t think either candidate will fix it. When I take a look at what many developed countries are doing around the world, I am shocked at the differences in education. America has screwed itself up and out of developing the type of generation we need to stand up and build America into a great nation.

I will state that the best school I ever went to was driven by the community. The parents contributed to the school and got to make decisions as a community to develop the curriculum. I never had a better school or excelled in an environment as well as I did in that school. Going to self-dependent structures for schools may not be the worst thing America has ever done.

Topic 9: Social Reforms

The only social reform that Trump appears to have a wish to change is the right to abortion. People will still get to vote, people will still get to work, and people who have legally come to the United States will get to stay. All of these things are fine and perfectly acceptable in any country.

As it comes to abortion, this is the biggest topic I have an issue with when it comes to liberal agenda. The baby’s body is not YOUR body and it didn’t force it’s way into your body when you had sex. Those are the facts of human reproduction. That said, I can appreciate when a person is raped and left with a child in the after math. I can appreciate the scare of knowing your Child may have life lasting disabilities that will impede a normal quality of life. These situations make abortion a very complex topic and it doesn’t have any easy answers.


I do not support either one of the major political party candidates and I think both have lead the way to a new level of depravity for America’s electorate. I am a Christian and I work with people of all gender and sexual orientation. I have friends of different races, and my wife and I intend to adopt internationally from Africa. No political party, no president, and no other person’s opinion will ever have the effect of making me do something contrary to who I am.

This video is an angry rant and nothing more. It cannot be used to positively encourage changes, and it certainly wont create a sense of bi-partisanship that America DESPERATELY needs. This video, which may represent many people’s feelings, will not do anything to promote the healthy values.

So a challenge to anyone who reads this is how do we take this anger and channel it in a healthy manner? How do we get the frustrations and angst from all sides of the aisle channeled into a path for true development in America? These are the questions that each voter in America has the responsibility for answering. America will only be great again when we can all unite together as the world’s first and foremost melting pot.

Hello Again

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